Radio Spot

Mark Robert Barry
APR 320 – Copywriting
The University of Alabama


Students write a script for a 30 second radio spot and see it through the entire production process. Hindsight is 20/20. Following through with the production process provides experience and insights into what considerations need to be made during the writing stage.


  • Build experiential knowledge
  • Follow a concept from ideation through production
  • Improve collaboration and interpersonal skills


  1. Each student writes 3 radio scripts for preassigned clients.
  2. Students meet with their group and pick the best concept from the 12 ads. *Each group has 4 students working for one assigned client.
  3. The group collectively makes final edits to the chosen script and submits it for feedback.
  4. Guest lecture on best practices for audio recording and Garageband demo by media center staff.
  5. Production of scripts.
  6. Critique: listen to produced radio spots as a class and discuss.


  • As with all client-based assignments for this class, messaging and delivery must be professional, brand aware, on target.


Students are graded with consideration to conceptual strength, brand awareness, target-focused messaging, and overall impact.

Sample Student Work

Spicely Organic Loose Leaf Tea
Luke E. / Avery K. / Will M. / Kelly O.


Preservation Hall Foundation
Molly E. / Brittany C. / Jessica D. / Vincent F.